About Us

Founded by two experienced business women who enjoy helping businesses flourish  

Marketing Startups was born on the 26th October 2018 in the Fruitworks coffee shop over a lovely flat white and some vegan cake.

It all started with a question at a breakfast meeting. "What happens to your clients when you've given above and beyond with website content, and you release your client out into the world?"   The answer was in some respect quite easy, we continue to support them in an ad hoc manner.  But unexpectedly that question had set wheels in motion.   Nurturing small businesses after you've finished an initial project takes up a lot of free and spare time.

Tabitha's second meeting of the day was with Heather Scott, who ran a CIC. The throwaway comment had stuck in her mind and plans developed rather quickly over a coffee and another slice of cake (There is no such thing as too much coffee and cake). Within 4 hours there was a name, domain and CIC paperwork sorted out. Marketing Startups was evolving, and the outline of the aspirational Move Forward Programme was underway.

Marketing Startups was originally created as a CIC, however, the arrival of Covid-19 altered everyone’s paths and it now exists as a trading brand of Social Brand Time Ltd.  Does it change its ethos? No.  Does it change the way we help businesses? No.  Does it reduce the administrative burden and running costs, thereby enabling us to help more startups? Absolutely yes!



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