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Part of the paperwork for forming a CIC is a document called the “Declarations on Formation of a Community Interest Company” otherwise known a Form CIC36. This is where you set out what activities your proposed CIC will undertake and how it will benefit the community or sections of the community.

This is what we wrote for Marketing Startups CIC

The objectives of the Marketing Startups CIC are to carry out activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation) to support start-ups and the small business communities in the South East of England, including those businesses that support a sustainability or eco-friendly policies. 

In addition will be work with other Not for Profit, CIC, Social Enterprises and Charities (or other bodies operating in the third sector) by offering reduced and/or subsidised services.

Marketing Startups CIC will also be looking to support groups with who have survived domestic abuse in the household of all forms, lone parents and groups with special educational needs/disabilities, as well as young entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Marketing Startups CIC will achieve this by providing advice and signposting, consultancy and mentoring, workshops including (but not limited to) marketing as well as ongoing support. Marketing Startups CIC will also work to support, encourage and improve the promotion of social enterprise/community-based businesses in the South East by assisting the improvement of marketing and self-promotion of said organisations across multiple marketing channels.

How are we planning on achieving these objectives?

Professional, affordable, and accessible Marketing Consultancy.

Providing local start-ups, SMEs, Third Sector Organisations (charities, social enterprises, not for profit), survivors of domestic violence, and Young Entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds, as well as special educational needs (autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia and so forth) and other minority groups’ access to a professional and affordable marketing advice and sign posting to other useful services. Helping to grow local businesses to be part of a thriving business community which will benefit both communities, business owners to prosper from revenue, wages and local services. 

Providing free marketing workshops and drop-in sessions to support local businesses in the South East   

Aside from standard business networking interactions where we will come in to contact with start-ups in need of our services, we would like to work with a range of organisations, including educational institutions. A focus for us would be working with women’s refuges and domestic violence survivors. As a woman led organisation we want to offer marketing advice to domestic abuse survivors who wish to start their own business, in a safe environment enabling them to move their lives forward. 

An essential element of being a CIC is that it is a non-political organisation. Anyone looking to form a CIC has to sign the below pledge. 

“We/I, the undersigned, declare that the company in respect of which this application is made will not be:

(a) a political party;
(b) a political campaigning organisation; or
(c) a subsidiary of a political party or of a political campaigning organisation.”

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