The Side Hustle

Whether it be due to entrepreneurial spirit or the reality of there just not being enough money in the household pot, Side Hustles are now almost commonplace and the starting point for a lot of businesses.  

The term ‘Side Hustle’ originally referenced a job or financial endeavour that was performed in spare time as there was a ‘front and centre’ role or job that was bringing in the money.  However, as with many terms, times have changed and side hustles are now also seen as any source of income whether small change or significant that is not seen as the main focus of a person’s time.  

Moreover, the side hustle is now quite common place  (1 in 4) and I would wager that amongst stay at home parents, as well as those working part time around childcare or other caring responsibilities, that statistic would be higher.  The rising cost of childcare, difficulties in finding suitable working hours and the rising cost of living are all driving factors for the increase in side hustle creation.  A Google search of “Side Hustle” demonstrates the depth and breadth of the market surrounding side hustles, lists of options, ideas and opportunities, there is an increasing expectation that a person will have one.  

One of the benefits of working a side hustle is the flexibility, the ability to ebb and flow the workload around current commitments, whether they be those from everyday life or a main job.  Some side hustles remain just that, small, flexible and providing a supplementary income, however others start to migrate to the centre.   Whether driven by the need for extra income, having more spare time (children starting school) or an increase in sustained demand for the product or service that is currently being offered, moving a side hustle to the centre is an exciting time! It can also be a worrying time and present a significant learning curve, scaling up a business can bring a range of new challenges and need for additional knowledge. 

This is where Marketing Startups can help, we can help you bring your side hustle to the centre.

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